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JOLLY GEL  - it's amazing stuff!

If you do one thing to improve your water quality in your poolthis year - get hold of a couple of packs of Jolly Gel and reap the benefits of this astonishingly efficient water clarifier! 

and that's our honest Professional Advice

Completely transparent water in your pool is important for a couple of reasons:

  • A transparent pool looks a lot better than a cloudy pool.
  • Transparent water is safer, as it allows complete visibility of the whole pool.

Ideally, the water in your pool should be odour-free, crystal clear, bright and sparkling. Ma
ny pools have water that is nearly right; it’s just not quite as transparent as it could (or should) be.

Fortunately, there is an astonishingly effective solution for this problem and the good news is that it is inexpensive!


 Please watch this very short videovery short video that shows what it can do for your pool - and how it does it!


Jolly Gel really is the most effective pool product we've ever discovered. Why not try it?

Why not share a 4-pack with your neighbours? (Jolly Gel, I mean, not beer.)

Have the beers later; after you've used Jolly Gel - and then you can show off your amazingly clear pool-water!


 PS - Jolly Gel saves you much more money that it costs! See this webpagewebpage for full details.

Where to buy?


All of Spain - list of Jolly Gel retailers


Or buy online here from Amazon.esOr buy online here from Amazon.es  Free postage on 2 or more packsFree postage on 2 or more packs


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NOTE: - Jolly Gel is not suitable for DE or Cartridge Filters


Spanish Homologation Certificate Number (issued by the Ministerio de Sanidad, Servicios Sociales y Igualidad) -12-20-4627